Baby Love

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean we have to let go of all of our our lovey-dovey feelings. And if we’re still reviewing the things we goes a little something like this (in no particular order): Beyonce, babies and products. I think we’ve made our feelings for Beyonce pretty clear (see here, […]

Wrap Up

While we did not have the pleasure of partaking in the black slush that was New York Fashion Week, that did not stop us from obsessively stalking the runways via the interwebs at all hours of the day. It’s really nice to see styles on the runway that you can imagine wearing right this second until you […]

Ornamentation Nation

According to Elle’s forecast for spring style, (apart from crop tops and wide leg pants)(woohoo!) the season is riddled with embellishments, fringe, transparent details and florals. My inner hippie cannot contain her excitement. After quite a bit of mockery from friends over the years, I have come to terms with the fact that I am somewhat […]

Brr…It’s Cold Out Here

On account of our fingers being frozen, here’s a very short list of things that help us survive the cold: Pixie Pants Our affinity for them began three years ago and has developed into quite the love/hate relationship. While we wear them almost every other day, it’s at the risk of knowing they will unzip themselves while […]

A.B.E. for NYE

In the timely fashion of this year’s end and starting anew, self-reflection is more prevalent than usual. That being said, one of the things Kerry and I often lament is our tendency to over think everything. Basically any decision we make from choosing a new lip balm to jeans (we consider this to be an […]

‘Tis the Season

We fully expect the next few days to be a frenzy of manic shoppers looking to snag the last gifts before the looming Christmas deadline. And because we find so much joy in giving during the holiday season, the simple stocking stuffers below are our special gift to you. Your pals/sisters/mothers/etc. will appreciate it way […]