Quick Change

The varying extremes of our current winter have left us confused and honestly, a bit underwhelmed. 60 degrees one day and a blizzard the next? How does one deal with that emotionally let alone on a sartorial level? We’ve recently been scooping up some items that can help us transition our wardrobes from day to day and some items that simply make us happy.

& other stories

You know a sweater is good when it becomes “the one that got away”. After putting it back on the rack at & Other Stories in Soho and heading out, I quickly realized that I’d made a huge mistake. When I got back to the store the sales associate informed me that it completely sold out (within an hour!) Though it can easily be ordered online, I’m a sucker for instant gratification and dragged my mother uptown to the other location, purchased my new, super soft and perfectly textured gray sweater and promptly wore it to dinner that night.


I know, I know, I’m late to the party but a better late than never OTK boot is still an OTK boot. I had one of those serendipitous shopping moments when I stopped into Bloomingdale’s to return boots that did just not work and stumbled upon the last pair of these babies left in the country. Exceptionally marked down and oddly just my size (though a full size larger than my usual), they pair well with either a long parka or a short dress. (A few sizes left here and here)

india hicks &

india hicks cord.jpg

The incredibly chic India Hicks has created a dynamic duo in her Indi Tokens and waxed cotton Mr. & Mrs. Cords. Worn together or separately, we love that these pieces can be customized to our ever changing moods. Though available in endless combinations, we certainly did not hesitate at the opportunity to snatch up our signature ampersand and a few neutral colored cords.


Lovingly referred to as ‘Faquazzuras’, these wild thing dupes have been the antidote to dreary winter nights and the cause for celebration on spring-like evenings. Ever the sensible Trump, they’re available in a slightly more conservative black, often the color of choice when purchasing items for our wardrobes. But in this particular instance, we are decidedly partial to the red. Go wild or go home.


The only thing better than cashmere in our book is technical cashmere. Kit and Ace is known for their resilient but luxurious cashmere blends and the sleeveless Prevost turtleneck is the perfect introduction. Seamlessly suited for our unpredictable weather, this “business on the neck, party on the arms” tee is the ultimate layering champ.


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