Facial Massage 101

You may be wondering-What is facial massage? Is it necessary? Where does one go to get a facial massage? I’m just a spring chicken, do I really need to be doing this? The answers to which were all answered at the CAP beauty event I attended on the very subject.

Kerry and I are no strangers to facial massage. A few years ago we became enamored by the technique through an ITG article and for a period of time following we strived to incorporate this treatment into our daily skin regimens. The intended result-higher cheekbones, a less tense expression and no more puffy eyes (it is also said to minimize RBF.) There are many styles and techniques used for facial massage. All of which are centered around one main goal: to drain the lyphmatic system of the face, which creates a more even skin tone, a relaxed expression and a natural, healthy glow. 

I have found the ITG video to be simplest in the form of guidance and the most effective. As I watch this at night, UK based facialist Alexandra Soveral’s soothing accent slowly becomes a sort of mini mediation for me while I apply my arsenal of products (see below.)

After seeing an Instagram post, I decided to go to a refresher course at one of my favorite beauty stores in the city: CAP beauty. I attended the opening of the store a year ago and instantly knew I would love it upon learning they buried rose quartz in the foundation and across every threshold of the spa rooms. CAP offers an incredible selection of curated products and informative, fun events all centered around the concept that “beauty is wellness…wellness is beauty.” A notion with which we are whole-heartedly on board.

The event was led by Stephanie Brown, who is CAP’s resident ‘skin whisperer.’ She introduced the lesson saying “there’s really no point in using all these great products if we don’t know how to properly apply them.” Turns out, the combination of potent facial serums and oils with massage is the key to optimal facial wellness. 

She went on to explain that the time we take to nourish and care for our bodies should be extended to the care of our faces. The muscles in the face are used every single day in the many expressions we make and the stress that we retain. However, very rarely do we stretch or massage these muscles, as we do without question to our bodies after a rigorous workout. Facial massage is essential in stimulating and toning our facial muscles, with the added bonus of brightening our complexion and rejuvenating dull skin. As for age-appropriateness for this method, Stephanie says it is equally important for those in their twenties to massage their faces as it is for people in their thirties and above. We too experience stress in our work environments, and especially in the constant squinting and furrowing we do inches away from our computer and phone screens.

Whether you’re into draining your lymph or not,  you believe that facial massage can benefit your skin and overall health, or you just have 5 minutes to kill, I recommend that you treat yourself to a pick me up. You might just do your inner and outer self a real favor, and if anything it is a nice relaxing way to look like a freak in the comfort of your own home.

Below are some of our favorite facial oils/serums we swear by. To borrow a quote from CAP; Your most radiant self starts here….

MV Skincare Pure Jojoba

This oil is gentle enough for even the most sensitive and leaves your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom

Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix Facial Oil

Our newest brand obsession offers our favorite oil in a set, with a rollerball ideal for travel facial massage

One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum

While this is by definition a serum, the consistency is perfect for massage and has been a cult product of ours for years

Kahina Giving Beauty Serum 

Another new addition to our list, Kahina’s pairing of argan and coffee oils instantly perks up my skin


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