Full House

bed2I’m moving into a new place very soon and, surprise surprise, I’m being a little indecisive about what I want the final product to look like. My main concern is decorating my bedroom, but there still aren’t enough Pinterest home decor boards in the world to help me hone my vision. One thing I do know is how I want my space to feel: calm, serene and balanced. Every time I ask for Tory’s help she just tells me to look into Feng Shui followed by a quick disclaimer: “Though I really don’t know anything about it..” Well what do we when we don’t know about an ancient Chinese art that dates back thousands of years? We educate ourselves.

Feng Shui is all about using energy flow and environmental factors, or “ch’i”, with the understanding that your outer surroundings affect the course of your life whether it’s your relationship, career or health. When translating Feng Shui practices to the home, the goal is to create an environment that is in harmony with your energy. Feng Shui (literally meaning “wind and water”) teaches you how to guide the energy of everything you bring into your home (even inanimate objects) and let it flow freely. I quickly learned that my goal of creating a balanced room is exactly what the principles of Feng Shui intend for your space. Here are the Feng Shui bedroom tips I’m focusing on for my big move:

Clean house, literally – There is no sense in using the principles of Feng Shui when your home (or room) is cluttered. Remove all unwanted and necessary items from the space before moving forward with a design plan.

Head of the bed – The head of the bed should be on wall farthest from the door but not directly across from it. When your feet are pointed directly out the door this is known as the “coffin position” because it’s how the dead are removed from China. I wish I was kidding.

The rest of the bed – Don’t store anything below it. It sends out energy and does not allow the ch’i to flow under and around the bed while you sleep. The bedroom is a private space and needs to be protected.

Toss the television – It’s not ideal to bring a public thing, like a TV, into a bedroom as it disrupts the energy. If you must have one, hide it in a cabinet to keep it from being a focal point.

Balance comes from symmetry – The calm Feng Shui feel comes from a combination of masculine and feminine, the safety and comfort of soft linens and a sturdy headboard, and night stands and lamps that frame and protect the bed.

Odds and ends – Place the shoes in your closet facing out, it channels progress. Black tourmaline discharges negative energy and rose quartz vibrates your heart chakra. Bring fresh flowers in whenever possible. When you get to the end of this tutorial a little skeptical and not sure where to start…go into your room, close your eyes and if you feel good, you’re probably doing something right.

 (Sources 1, 2, 3 – Image via Crush Cul de Sac)


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