Make It Count


About two months ago I was perusing Instagram and came across an invitation for a conversation being hosted by some consultants of BEAUTYCOUNTER at a store in NYC. I recalled seeing the name as well as gold embossed bottles numbered 1, 2, and 3 popping up around the green beauty blog circuit and visited the website. The three pillars that stuck out to me instantly were that it is chic, safe,  and effective. Check, check, check. I decided to stop by the event and see what it was all about. I immediately was greeted by one of the most welcoming, energetic and friendly people I have ever met: Annie Sullivan. She told me about why she joined the team and after some chatting we found out that we live in the same town! We instantly bonded and have developed a great friendship (she was even kind enough to include Kerry and I on her blog as featured fabulous females!) Not long after Annie graciously hand delivered a sample kit to my door I was hooked. I  have to admit that I am nothing short of obsessed with this brand and this movement.

Fast forward to last Thursday, Annie informed me that the CEO Gregg Renfrew was going to be speaking at an event two blocks from my house. Even though I already knew quite a lot about the brand, I wanted to meet this inspiring woman I had read all about. Gregg Renfrew is one of the most chic and savvy businesswomen I have ever encountered. She was a consultant to Jessica Alba for the starting of The Honest Company (another one of our favorites!) Looking like she breezed in right out of a J. Crew catalog with an all black ensemble and a white blazer draped over her shoulders, she instantly captivated the room. It began with this video:

The Truth Is Inside

Gregg mentioned that she noticed women were concerned with eating healthy and organic and how much they were exercising but there was a missing piece of the puzzle: they were all knowingly putting up to 12 beauty products a day (containing hundreds of chemicals) onto {ergo into} their bodies and not thinking twice about it. Gregg learned that “1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the US will be diagnosed with cancer; our children’s generation is the first that is sicker and may die younger than their parents.” The startling facts continued with: the U.S has only banned 11 total ingredients in cosmetics (compared to the more than 1,400 banned in Europe) and the last law passed for cosmetics was in 1938. How do you spell scary? Working directly with celebrity makeup artist Christy Coleman and the EWG (you know why we love this) over the course of four years they developed what has now provided over 250,000 safe products across the U.S. Gregg stressed how they set out to make products that were safe but also something that made women feel sexy and beautiful as opposed to the hemp container products found in Whole Foods. They ultimately chose to sell the brand through consultants because of the belief that the sharing of important information was equally as vital and getting these products out there. It couldn’t be sold in brick and mortar locations because the story behind it was crucial in the exchange of goods. The line is also available via e-commerce as Gregg recognized the obvious necessity of this in our digital age (each product on the site is accompanied by its EWG rating and a surplus of knowledge.) My current favorites include: the Lustro Face Oil 1, Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream, The Nourishing Cleansing Balm and the newly released Sunscreen that was just chosen as one of  Goop’s top safe sunscreen picks. I encourage you to read about this incredible company’s mission and if you’re in the Long Island/New York City area contact Annie for information. Being someone whose appreciation for effective and clean products is growing everyday, I now consider Beautycounter a staple in my life and on my vanity.

(Image via Beautycounter)



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