Patriotic Duty

1-American-Beauty_Cover_132443320225.jpg_gallery_maxBy now we think you might understand our mutual penchant for wearing A.B.E.s (all black ensembles) in the colder months. It’s easy, classic, and allows you to repeat clothing without much notice. There’s definitely an art to the A.B.E. and we work all winter to master it. But in the warmer months, while we won’t be wearing as much black, you won’t necessarily find us wearing bright pops of color and wild patterns either. In keeping with the lean closet movement, snatching up those items would mean that our closet lacks the versatility and functionality we need when (hopefully) packing our bags almost every weekend to head out to some refreshing body of water. The solution = the all white ensemble. Not much makes up an all white ensemble and therein lies the beauty of the outfit. Ours most often consists of a crisp pair of white jeans and a light cotton top. No muss, no fuss.

As we come into the hottest part of the summer, the all white ensemble is our style prescription to you this 4th of July. We believe that it’s your duty in the US of A to employ the colors of our beautiful country and why shouldn’t you look fantastic while doing it. If you’re bold and want to take it one step further, throw on a red lip. Go wild! It’s a free country! And if people accuse you of lack of patriotism…do not go quietly into the night. Assure them that white on white is American chic at it’s finest.

(Image via Vogue)


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