Spring Cleaning

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“Your health means everything,” those words staring at me were a nice little reminder as I rode the subway to work one morning. It is something I often lose sight of when I’m stressing out over trivial things like beach cover-ups or what methods I need to make my skin have a flawless glow. In the past, I’ve read about how skin is greatly affected by your digestion but didn’t really take full advantage of that information. However, this simple train advertisement stuck with me and sparked an extensive Googling spree about inner health, and in turn its effect on the external. After a thorough investigation on the topic, I want to introduce to you a few ingredients to try that I’ve found give the highly sought-after natural glow from within. It won’t matter what getup you have on because radiant skin is all we really want, along with a clean bill of health. The short list I have compiled (that over time as I add will eventually become tall – seems inevitable for me) includes an ingredient for cleansing (without the faintness and cross-eyed stigma of a juice cleanse), my love for the healing powers of Ayurveda and a non-ingredient snuck in there for optimal health benefits.

Beets – I know, all I could think of when I was reintroduced to beets on a menu was the “Killer Tofu” song from Doug. But it turns out beets are quite the superfood. They are filled with carotenoids (antioxidants that naturally cleanse and detox the body, and also reduce the negative effects of UVB radiation) and help the body respond better to exercise. They can be eaten raw, like in this recipe from Beauticate, cooked, or what I find to be the quickest and simplest way – mixed into a refreshing juice. And if you’re still not too fond of the taste, it is available in supplement form as well.

Turmeric – This Ayurvedic herb referred to as “The Golden Goddess,” is a superfood in fighting inflammation (which has been shown to be a leading cause of aging), preventing cancer, as well as a slew of other benefits. Whether adding a dash of it to a morning smoothie, into your favorite recipe, or taking it in supplement form twice a day as I do (my trusted brand is Banyan Botanicals), a little goes a long way. And coming from someone who has had issues with her stomach that sequentially affected her skin, I can say turmeric has been a godsend and I’ve received numerous compliments since I started taking it.

Probiotics – Okay, technically not an ingredient but according to research are “essential to basic human nutrition.” Your stomach contains good bacteria or “beneficial flora” which helps us digest and absorb our food, shore up our immune systems and contribute to the manufacture of vitamins. Probiotics are used to fortify and rebuild this natural flora. As of late, I’ve noticed it cropping up in skin care discussions and even being called “the new beauty food.”  If you’re not convinced yet that you need a probiotic, The Chalkboard Mag did a great breakdown (get it?) of the reasons you should consider one.

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