Here Comes the Sun

SummerIf you’ve been on some kind of tropical vacation in the past month or so, you can stop reading right now. You’re probably all bronzed and glowy and have no need for the knowledge I wish to impart on the rest of the group. While you were gone we were in the cold, frantically searching for ways to look less like Casper the Friendly Ghost and more like a Dolce & Gabbana ad by the time we first bared our legs for the season. In college, this was a no brainer for me: hop into a shower stall with a golden can of Neutrogena micro mist and spray like there’s no tomorrow. But as I became more cautious of the products that I use (your skin is your largest organ, people!) the options in the sunless tanning department ran a little low. Enter Chocolate Sun: while the name leaves something to be desired, this hydrating sunless tanning cream is completely natural and mostly organic. The additional perks: it doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin, smells like a Hershey’s bar (not the chemical perfume that you’re used to), and develops into a lovely tan sans orange streaks. Cocoa Glow is my shade of choice and should work for light to medium skin tones. And please don’t let the novel length application instructions freak you out…I suggest throwing them out the window and learning the tanning process organically.

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