Carpe Dosha

Moodboard Photo from“This is great for my Dosha!” I proclaimed as my friends muddled blueberries into the potion they were making for me on a recent Friday night. It was a phrase I continued to abuse throughout my entire weekend visit to DC. After a series of side stares and eye rolls my friends decided to finally entertain me and inquire about this Dosha business. The look on their faces after I finished my rant wasn’t surprising. To them, everything I was saying was nonsensical but at the same time utterly intriguing.

I was first introduced to Ayurveda last summer when my boss, in a manner of nonchalance, asked me if I could track her down some Triphala Guggulu (I made the same face as you when I first heard it). She swore the ancient Indian medicine had been her secret to a natural energy boost, radiant skin and maintaining her figure. Coming from someone who is constantly juggling ten things at once and always manages to be glowing, there had to be some truth to it. After that it seemed to be cropping up everywhere I went. Mentioned in a few of my frequent reads (here, here, and here), overheard at Bikram yoga, and finally my mother informed me that my Aunt was receiving her holistic training certification in Ayurveda. My curiosity led me to spend an immense amount of time researching this ancient medicine. No doubt, it is an overwhelmingly detailed practice. Luckily I managed to find the most comprehensive breakdown and reputable resource at Banyan Botanicals.

After chatting online with a specialist and seeing that my man Dr. Oz was an advocate for it, I decided to dabble. The first step in my process was taking the test to determine my Dosha (usually you are a combination of two, one predominant in the fall/winter seasons and the other in the spring/summer seasons). Based on the results, you are given information about the characteristics of your Dosha and the ways to balance it for optimal health. I was surprised to realize being a Vata-Pitta that certain foods I considered my go-to ‘healthy’ choices were in fact the opposite of what I needed. Salads, leafy greens, quinoa-which make up about 60% of my daily diet (the other 40% by pastries and chia pudding) were in the seldom column of my nutrition list. Even though I have only been informally ‘practicing’ for a few weeks, I have to admit that I am surprisingly not going cross-eyed without my usual two coffees a day, have noticed a difference in my skin and feel lighter on my feet (for those who know my shoe size – this is a BIG DEAL). I encourage you to read up on it and I hope that, if anything, it’s simultaneously enlightening and phonetically challenging.

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