Baby Love

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean we have to let go of all of our our lovey-dovey feelings. And if we’re still reviewing the things we goes a little something like this (in no particular order): Beyonce, babies and products. I think we’ve made our feelings for Beyonce pretty clear (see here, here and here) but we’ve been holding out on our baby talk until we were all better friends so as not to freak you out. But here we are and we’re all friends now and we’re here to tell you how we managed to combine two of the things we love into a few fantastic beauty staples.

We got to thinking about how gentle and good we are to our skin as babies, but aren’t as diligent as we get older. We’re faced with far too many options riddled with harsh ingredients that make us wish for the simpler times of baby life. Luckily finding a good product that doesn’t contain petrochemicals or smell like a yankee candle shop (and makes your skin baby soft) is no longer a difficult task thanks to Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. We just received our first Honest Co. Bundles in the mail and we’re as happy as a nugget kicking its legs in a Fisher Price commercial. There are so many reasons we love this company, apart from the simplicity and honesty of the products, the option of a bundle (coincidentally one of our favorite baby-related words) lets you choose which 5 products you want each month for a very reasonable price. One of the main selling points for us was the trifecta ingredient blend of our favorite oils (coconut, jojoba, and calendula). The mixture of the body lotion and oil together makes for two must-haves along with the healing balm which has been a dry-skin savior during this bitter cold. So tonight while we’re fixating on everything Oscars, we’re imagining how celebrity babies prepped for the show and will follow suit.


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