Brr…It’s Cold Out Here


On account of our fingers being frozen, here’s a very short list of things that help us survive the cold:

Pixie Pants

Our affinity for them began three years ago and has developed into quite the love/hate relationship. While we wear them almost every other day, it’s at the risk of knowing they will unzip themselves while you’re walking down a busy street and form an indent in the back of your legs that remains for hours after de-robing.

Over the Knee Boots

The more leg that’s covered the better. Find us the perfect pair (at the perfect price) and we’ll love you foreva eva.

Rose Water Spray

We found out from Kerry’s aesthetician that one of the best ways to combat the hazard to your face when constantly switching from sub-zero temperatures to pumped up heat is pure rose water spray. To make it last through the season, dilute 1:3 with filtered water.


The only way I know how to brave this weather is by wearing a cape. In all seriousness though, capes are a great way to basically wrap yourself in a blanket and head out in public retaining a shred of dignity.

Restoration Hardware Booties

As Kerry so thoughtfully referred to them in the text she sent me while she was at home from work on a ‘snow day’ and I was walking along the snowy sidewalk…”the ugliest but most wonderful thing you can put on your feet.” And that is precisely what they are.

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2 thoughts on “Brr…It’s Cold Out Here

  1. Love an over the knee boot in this freezing weather! My current obsession:
    The sizes around the interwebs are limited, so jump on them quick if they’re your style! They are amazing quality in person, and though they are obviously a 50/50 dupe, I preferred them to the 50/50 in fit – they were far more flattering after trying them both on to compare. Plus the price is fab for the quality and style!

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