Cut It Out


We’ve hit the two week mark for 2014. At this point most people have all but reversed their resolutions because who really needs exercise anyway?! But over here we’ve finally found the inspiration to keep going strong with our pledge to simplify: Cuyana. Cuyana’s goal is to get you to spend your hard earned money wisely by intentionally buying pieces that you love and that are made to last. Even better is that they’ve created the Lean Closet Movement, a month-long series of insights from some of the best in the business on how to trim the fat in your closet. They don’t give you a number goal of how many items you should have left and understand the unique intricacies of each person’s closet domain. All they want is for you to come out of the movement with a closet full of quality items that you are excited to wear again and again and again.

We’ve already started defining and editing over here and don’t just take our word for it that it feels fantastic. We plan to list some major items on eBay, send some well-loved designer accessories to The Real Real and pile up those J. Crew basics for Twice. There’s plenty left to take to your local charity thrift store and then everyone wins.

(Image via Cuyana)


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