Let’s Get Coconutty


This kooky weather has both my mind and my skin confused. It’s lead me to throw on fur capes when mother nature sneakily decides to be 60 degrees for the day and by the time I’ve figured out my weather app I’m stuck in a polar vortex. Suffice it to say my skin is taking the brunt of this climate. Luckily, in the past few weeks I have acquired an obsession with coconut oil. I’ve been a fan of coconut water and particularly Coco Cafe for quite some time, but the strangely solid at room temperature form of coconut is my newest fixation. The benefits are delightfully infinite, both inside and out. Referred to as the “tree of life” (a thumbs up in my book), this natural antioxidant has antibacterial and humectant properties – attributes that are in high demand during the winter season. So go ahead, go nuts…whether you’re roasting vegetables with it, throwing it in your smoothie, or applying it from your head to your toes – as I have been. Tonight most certainly is the opportune time to try it out as you pro and con all the celebrity getups at the Golden Globes.

(Image via Phu Tninh Co)


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Coconutty

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