A.B.E. for NYE

In the timely fashion of this year’s end and starting anew, self-reflection is more prevalent than usual. That being said, one of the things Kerry and I often lament is our tendency to over think everything. Basically any decision we make from choosing a new lip balm to jeans (we consider this to be an accurate representation of a 1-10 difficulty scale) takes extreme amounts of research and pondering. I came face to face with this habit yesterday while looking desperately for an outfit to wear to tomorrow’s festivities. In year’s past I have always worn a no-fail A.B.E. (‘all black ensemble’-will discuss in detail later). When you’re as tall as I am, sequins are essentially the ultimate foe. I find no need to try to upstage the ball that is dropping, but rather prefer to strategically blend into the dark establishment I’m dancing foolishly in. The other benefit of the A.B.E. on New Year’s is that it can actually be worked back into my normal (and mainly black) wardrobe with little recognition. So when I walked into Zara and impulsively grabbed the first black dress I saw and bought it (without trying it on or looking elsewhere) I was pleasantly surprised to have scored such a gem. It is now my new favorite dress and I can pat myself on the back for a successful resolution endeavor.

(Images via Zara)


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