‘Tis the Season

virginia macdonald encore5

We fully expect the next few days to be a frenzy of manic shoppers looking to snag the last gifts before the looming Christmas deadline. And because we find so much joy in giving during the holiday season, the simple stocking stuffers below are our special gift to you. Your pals/sisters/mothers/etc. will appreciate it way more than one of the picked over gift cards from the 24-hour CVS.

We’re all in for Oribe and this purse collection is the perfect way to introduce a loved one to the fantastic hair products and keep them from having to check a bag on the way home.

Since this time of year is all about festivity, any way we can find to ornament ourselves (or others), the better. This tassel will serve the purpose for your keys.

While we do enjoy getting a manicure rather than DIY (how does one paint their nails well with the opposite hand?) sometimes the color selection leaves something to be desired. Give the gift of the perfect nude nail in Deborah Lippman’s Naked so there are no tough decisions at the nail polish wall.

The benefits of gifting a series to your friends or family members’ favorite workout (Barre/Spin/TRX, what have you) of choice is two-fold: it gives them the gift of time (which would otherwise be wasted finding ways to justify paying the same amount for a set of 5 classes equivalent to a whole year’s membership at the gym) and a guaranteed endorphin high while working off the overindulging they did during the month of December.

One of the best things about stockings is that it they are the perfect vessel for a vast array of travel size products…this RMS Beauty bundle will introduce the giftee to the benefits of natural makeup while this Bobbi Brown bottle set helps them jet-set with ease.

Finally, in honor of us both having our version of adult baptisms at the Beyonce concert this past week…it was an obvious choice to include her newest album. While we are a little disappointed that Targe is snubbing it, we’re happy we can scoop it up at Starbucks today while getting our early afternoon caffeine fix, and a gift card for a trifecta of last minute errand efficiency.

(Image via Virginia MacDonald)


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