Coat Tales

roseburg coatThe other night I made the rookie mistake of popping into Rag & Bone as I walked back from buying yet another charger for my new iPhone 5S. (You win, Apple.) They had fantastic sweaters scattered about but I immediately made a beeline to the left as something long and camel caught my eye. I’ve been on the prowl for an understated camel coat after I saw this photo of Haley Bennett in the October issue of Vogue, with the casual juxtaposition of a masculine coat over a feminine dress. Then, to add fuel to the fire, Into the Gloss told me that this particular style of coat could make me look richer, smarter and thinner. Sold. And the Roseburg Coat really can do no wrong in my book. Except maybe the price tag. We’ll have to work on that.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option try this, this, this, or this.

(Image via Rag & Bone)


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