Shorter Days

With the changing of the seasons (finally)(didn’t it seem like we had a super long Indian summer?) comes a new found energy for refreshing some of the things that may have expired in the summer heat. In our case, that almost always means our wardrobes and a few stray products that serve as a preemptive strike against that harsh winter air. Here’s what we have our eye on:

1. The hunt for the perfect hat continues as Tory found this wide brimmed fedora (in black)…who knew Papyrus hid hats amongst their array of witty greeting cards?

2. Though we’ve been using Nuxe Reve de Miel for some time now, the sheer panic induced by forgetting to bring it on a trip (Tory driving down to DC, Kerry flying up to the Hamptons) means we need to snatch up more than one at a time. You’ll be happy to have one in every bag come December.

3. It’s no secret that we’re fans of both lotions and potions over here, so it only makes sense that we have the appropriately labeled Anya Hindmarch travel case in a burgundy perfect for fall.

4. Very high on our list of must-haves are always cozy loungewear and pretty sleepwear. In an effort to take the pajama dressing trend head on, we’d be content sitting by the fire in this onetwo punch.

5. With the impending cold weather we’re rounding up as many products as possible to keep us moisturized head to toe until spring. Another Nuxe item has made the cut: the Huile Prodigieuse will be the perfect companion to our dry brush to help prevent a crocodile leg epidemic.

(Image via Zara)


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