All Hail the Chambray

DesktopWhenever I ask Tory if I should make a clothing purchase (which, if you look at her inbox, happens more than she’d like) she replies with this seemingly simple request: name at least three outfits with items already in your closet that you can make with this new purchase. Often times, this is just the wisdom I need to keep me from impulse buying something that is more often too on trend or too on sale. It has helped me to select those classic items that I know will end up costing pennies per wear and that I will keep until they’re so worn out that I’m forced to replace them. One such item I highly suggest scooping up for your fall wardrobe repertoire is the chambray shirt. This purchase passed the three outfit test with flying colors and then some. Lately, we’ve been wearing ours on flights tied over a black maxi dress, tucked into a tweed pencil skirt for work, or with a high rise flared jean for that Canadian tuxedo look. However you choose to style your chambray, you can’t go wrong with one of my three favorite picks:

1.  J.Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt

2. Madewell Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt

3. Ralph Lauren Chambray Shirt

Or, if you’re feeling a little more bold, we’re all for a matching chambray suit a la Elin Kling.

(Images 1, 2, 3, 4)


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