Spin Cycle

spin anjaI was happy as a clam sitting by the pool last weekend as I casually flipped through the Bible-sized September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, taking in the throngs of stacked-heel boots and round-shouldered jackets on the horizon for fall fashion. So you can imagine my horror when I came across this article asking me a question that, until now, I’d chosen to avoid at all costs: Is Spinning Making You Fat? Ever since I joined what the author calls the “Cult of Spin” I’d heard whispers from outsiders of the potential negative effects that this kind of intense workout could have on your body. This article got the wheels turning (had to) and has forced me to consider pumping the brakes (again, had to) on the workout I enjoy so much. The major takeaway from the author’s interviews with various trainers on the subject is that “to be lean, you need to lengthen the musculature; cycling can shorten it.” It’s no secret that I’m not the tallest of girls (in the forest of life, I’m a shrub and Tory’s a tree) so something that could potentially contribute to shortening anything on my already short frame should send me running for the hills. And running (combined with yoga or barre) is precisely what the article suggests as an alternative regimen for those recovering indoor-cycling addicts like myself.

(Image via Fashion Editorials/Vogue Korea)


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