The 411 on Shielding From the Sun

imageNot all sunscreens are created equal. On a recent beach getaway, one of our friends told us she “grabbed the first sunscreen she saw on the shelf of a store,” well aware that if she showed up without any form of sun protection, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. The look on our faces when we read through the ingredient list strongly resembled Kevin McCallister’s when he applied aftershave in Home Alone. (You know the one.) We promptly threw it away…sorry Erin, but we were more than happy to share ours. That’s the scary thing about products that are intended to ‘protect’ us but end up containing more harmful agents. The lesson: do your research. As with any product you’re thinking about buying, you need to see past the smoke and mirrors on the packaging. One very useful tool is EWG’s 2013 Sunscreen Guide (an extensive list of the safest broad spectrum sun protection on the market). Instead of spending hours online looking up each individual ingredient (as Kerry enjoys doing on a daily basis), simply go on and see if your sunscreen makes the cut. And if even that seems like too tall of an order, please refer to some of our favorites below.

For everyday use (even under those horrible fluorescent office lights): EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46

For that ‘even skintone, but would never wear makeup on the beach’ look: EltaMD UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF 41

For your friend who just so happened to run out of her sunscreen (get her the 8 oz. pump): EltaMD UV Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 45

For the often forgotten area (and coming from someone who has a very distinct freckle there)-the lips: Kiss My Face Sport Treat Lip Balm

(Image via Pinterest)


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