Product People

productsYou will hear about products from us more than once. I have to admit that I become giddy at the sight of a shiny new bottle of some lotion or potion, sometimes to the dismay of my pals (and one tall friend in particular). I am borderline obsessed with researching what will work best for my very sensitive skin. And more recently, I’ve gotten past the descriptive text (“anti-aging, luminous, etc., etc.”) and down to the nitty-gritty. I’m usually the girl in Sephora blocking your way to the Nars lipsticks (Schiap, anyone?) while I hunker down to read every last word on the ingredient list. I’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist but I am starting to learn the key words to look out for while stocking my bathroom cabinets (and the rollover basket that shares real estate in my closet). I’ve certainly moved over to the cautious side of the aisle when choosing a new product and sometimes that aisle happens to be located in your neighborhood Whole Foods. (Well, Tory’s neighborhood Whole Foods. I’m not so lucky and had to order it online but you get the point.) Enter our product of the hour: Sukiface Balancing Pure Facial Moisture. Equal parts soothing and hydrating without the weighed down feeling of a super duty heavy cream, I won’t go a night without slathering this on post cleansing. This light oil leaves my skin free to use the evening hours to repair itself naturally without interference. And knowing that the botanical ingredients allow my skin to breathe at night leaves my mind clear and free to attend to my other racing thoughts.

(Image via Keep It Chic)


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