Sarong or Saright?

imageJust hearing the word sarong puts a pep in my giant step. I have loved pareos since my younger years of walking around dressed foolishly with no limits (thank you, mom). The style was reintroduced into my wardrobe this summer when I grew tired of searching and searching for a good cover-up that was more substantial than a piece of gauze that costs $195. As the last few weeks of summer are upon us, I’m trying to get to the beach as much as possible – sarong in tow.

My top picks:

1. Pomegranate Inc.’s Bridgette Shawl

(Conveniently doubles as a sarong and scarf)

2. Serena and Lily’s Toile Pareo 

 (Who also provides us with a lovely little how-to for sporting your sarong in different ways)

 And while kaftans still have a very strong appeal to me…I’m going to have to wait until next summer to take the plunge and dress up like the Sultan of Brunei or take on the nickname Babur.

(Image via Pomegranate Inc.)


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