Here We Go

IMG_3053-001It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally made it to our first post. To start us off on the right foot, we happily present to you our inaugural short list (in about us fashion).

1. Style icon(s):

Kerry – Charlotte Casiraghi, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Miranda Kerr

Tory – Princess Diana, Aerin Lauder, Camilla Belle

2. Most coveted item:

Kerry – A butter-soft leather jacket

Tory – At the moment, a cashmere duster

3. Instant pick-me-up:

Kerry – Fresh flowers (preferably hydrangeas or peonies)

Tory – Good music (more often than not Beyonce’s “Love On Top”)

4. Go-to indulgence:

Kerry – A spa treatment or an at home mask

Tory – A new product of any variety or a donut

5. Jet set destination:

Kerry – Anywhere in Italy

Tory – Greece or Italy


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