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bazaarJust four weeks from today I’ll be arriving in Istanbul for a trip I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Not only will I be there to celebrate the wedding of one of my favorite people but it will also be my first time in this beautiful city. If you know me at all, you know that there’s a certain amount of packing anxiety that goes along with any trip that I take. Add in a slew of wedding events and slightly unpredictable weather and the result is sheer panic. In an effort to be more prepared than I usually am, the list writing has started early and the online shopping boxes are piling up. Here are some of the items that made the short list:

1. A cross body bag is a necessity for me when traveling in another country: I can always have an eye on my belongings and my hands will be free to scoop up everything at the Grand Bazaar. This Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket Bag serves the purpose and looks fantastic.

2. I won’t go anywhere without sunscreen, especially when I know I’ll be galavanting through a new city with my pals all day long. That’s where Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen comes in: it will protect my skin in the Turkish sun and double as a tinted moisturizer thus reducing my travel product count by 1.

3. I can’t think of a better shoe than the Loeffler Randall Fitz Chelsea Bootie to pair with my favorite black Frame jeans to hit up all of the tourist spots. A.B.E.s are essential for travel with limited packing space.

4. I’ve been holding off on purchasing the Waterlogue app as my day to day life can be less than glamorous but I think Istanbul might be the perfect excuse to take the $2.99 plunge. Who wouldn’t want a watercolor photo of the Bosphorus River?

5. We’re hoping to have time to do a Turkish bath in between all of the festivities (though slightly apprehensive after reviewing the full details – may need to add a bikini to the packing list). So while I may not have room to bring it with me, this Cuyana Turkish Robe will be a luxurious reminder of the country long after we get home.

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Carpe Dosha

Moodboard Photo from“This is great for my Dosha!” I proclaimed as my friends muddled blueberries into the potion they were making for me on a recent Friday night. It was a phrase I continued to abuse throughout my entire weekend visit to DC. After a series of side stares and eye rolls my friends decided to finally entertain me and inquire about this Dosha business. The look on their faces after I finished my rant wasn’t surprising. To them, everything I was saying was nonsensical but at the same time utterly intriguing.

I was first introduced to Ayurveda last summer when my boss, in a manner of nonchalance, asked me if I could track her down some Triphala Guggulu (I made the same face as you when I first heard it). She swore the ancient Indian medicine had been her secret to a natural energy boost, radiant skin and maintaining her figure. Coming from someone who is constantly juggling ten things at once and always manages to be glowing, there had to be some truth to it. After that it seemed to be cropping up everywhere I went. Mentioned in a few of my frequent reads (here, here, and here), overheard at Bikram yoga, and finally my mother informed me that my Aunt was receiving her holistic training certification in Ayurveda. My curiosity led me to spend an immense amount of time researching this ancient medicine. No doubt, it is an overwhelmingly detailed practice. Luckily I managed to find the most comprehensive breakdown and reputable resource at Banyan Botanicals.

After chatting online with a specialist and seeing that my man Dr. Oz was an advocate for it, I decided to dabble. The first step in my process was taking the test to determine my Dosha (usually you are a combination of two, one predominant in the fall/winter seasons and the other in the spring/summer seasons). Based on the results, you are given information about the characteristics of your Dosha and the ways to balance it for optimal health. I was surprised to realize being a Vata-Pitta that certain foods I considered my go-to ‘healthy’ choices were in fact the opposite of what I needed. Salads, leafy greens, quinoa-which make up about 60% of my daily diet (the other 40% by pastries and chia pudding) were in the seldom column of my nutrition list. Even though I have only been informally ‘practicing’ for a few weeks, I have to admit that I am surprisingly not going cross-eyed without my usual two coffees a day, have noticed a difference in my skin and feel lighter on my feet (for those who know my shoe size – this is a BIG DEAL). I encourage you to read up on it and I hope that, if anything, it’s simultaneously enlightening and phonetically challenging.

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Baby Love

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean we have to let go of all of our our lovey-dovey feelings. And if we’re still reviewing the things we goes a little something like this (in no particular order): Beyonce, babies and products. I think we’ve made our feelings for Beyonce pretty clear (see here, here and here) but we’ve been holding out on our baby talk until we were all better friends so as not to freak you out. But here we are and we’re all friends now and we’re here to tell you how we managed to combine two of the things we love into a few fantastic beauty staples.

We got to thinking about how gentle and good we are to our skin as babies, but aren’t as diligent as we get older. We’re faced with far too many options riddled with harsh ingredients that make us wish for the simpler times of baby life. Luckily finding a good product that doesn’t contain petrochemicals or smell like a yankee candle shop (and makes your skin baby soft) is no longer a difficult task thanks to Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. We just received our first Honest Co. Bundles in the mail and we’re as happy as a nugget kicking its legs in a Fisher Price commercial. There are so many reasons we love this company, apart from the simplicity and honesty of the products, the option of a bundle (coincidentally one of our favorite baby-related words) lets you choose which 5 products you want each month for a very reasonable price. One of the main selling points for us was the trifecta ingredient blend of our favorite oils (coconut, jojoba, and calendula). The mixture of the body lotion and oil together makes for two must-haves along with the healing balm which has been a dry-skin savior during this bitter cold. So tonight while we’re fixating on everything Oscars, we’re imagining how celebrity babies prepped for the show and will follow suit.

Wrap Up

While we did not have the pleasure of partaking in the black slush that was New York Fashion Week, that did not stop us from obsessively stalking the runways via the interwebs at all hours of the day. It’s really nice to see styles on the runway that you can imagine wearing right this second until you realize that you can’t get your hands on them for six or so months. But the great thing about being a mere mortal on a budget is that because we won’t be purchasing the items anyway we can use this past week (which, if you counted closely, spanned longer than a week) as current inspiration. Here are the tall and short picks:

michael-kors26Michael Kors




DVF_0908.683x1024Diane Von Furstenberg

KIM_0035.683x1024Prabal Gurung

_ARC0657.683x1024Ralph Lauren

Look 08Rosie Assoulin

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Ornamentation Nation


According to Elle’s forecast for spring style, (apart from crop tops and wide leg pants)(woohoo!) the season is riddled with embellishments, fringe, transparent details and florals. My inner hippie cannot contain her excitement. After quite a bit of mockery from friends over the years, I have come to terms with the fact that I am somewhat of an ornamentation enthusiast. Maybe it’s just the proverbial tree in me trying to decorate myself? As I have slowly started to collect what some might call “kitschy” attire, I can’t help but be ecstatic when I see skirts like this or one of these practical little numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the minimal look (my basic uniform of black, white and neutrals is what I, more often than not, fall back on), but there are just those days that you think “more is more.” As this terrible weather persists, I find myself gravitating towards ruffles, tassels, fringe, beads, and pom poms as a form of comfort. And while Kerry has used choice words such as ‘gypsy’ to describe some of my outfits, it really doesn’t faze me all that much. I’m completely distracted from the haters and the cold by all the wonderful garnishes on my clothing.

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Pajama Party


If we learned anything from Sunday it was that Beyoncé can seriously do no wrong. Those people at the Grammy’s sure knew exactly what they were doing when they opened the show with Queen B in almost nothing but a La Perla cage vest. Obviously this quickly put us into a tailspin as we enjoy nothing more than underpinnings as outerwear (when appropriate!). We bonded very early in our friendship over our shared childhood obsession with Selena. Ever since then we’ve looked for any reason possible to wear a cropped top of sorts without startling our neighbors. Taking a cue from the original master of the bustier, we’ll do a trial run of this look with an oversized blazer and wide-leg pants. It’s the perfect opportunity to debut the Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere pants that left us drunk in love after scoring them at the outlets.

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Brr…It’s Cold Out Here


On account of our fingers being frozen, here’s a very short list of things that help us survive the cold:

Pixie Pants

Our affinity for them began three years ago and has developed into quite the love/hate relationship. While we wear them almost every other day, it’s at the risk of knowing they will unzip themselves while you’re walking down a busy street and form an indent in the back of your legs that remains for hours after de-robing.

Over the Knee Boots

The more leg that’s covered the better. Find us the perfect pair (at the perfect price) and we’ll love you foreva eva.

Rose Water Spray

We found out from Kerry’s aesthetician that one of the best ways to combat the hazard to your face when constantly switching from sub-zero temperatures to pumped up heat is pure rose water spray. To make it last through the season, dilute 1:3 with filtered water.


The only way I know how to brave this weather is by wearing a cape. In all seriousness though, capes are a great way to basically wrap yourself in a blanket and head out in public retaining a shred of dignity.

Restoration Hardware Booties

As Kerry so thoughtfully referred to them in the text she sent me while she was at home from work on a ‘snow day’ and I was walking along the snowy sidewalk…”the ugliest but most wonderful thing you can put on your feet.” And that is precisely what they are.

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Cut It Out


We’ve hit the two week mark for 2014. At this point most people have all but reversed their resolutions because who really needs exercise anyway?! But over here we’ve finally found the inspiration to keep going strong with our pledge to simplify: Cuyana. Cuyana’s goal is to get you to spend your hard earned money wisely by intentionally buying pieces that you love and that are made to last. Even better is that they’ve created the Lean Closet Movement, a month-long series of insights from some of the best in the business on how to trim the fat in your closet. They don’t give you a number goal of how many items you should have left and understand the unique intricacies of each person’s closet domain. All they want is for you to come out of the movement with a closet full of quality items that you are excited to wear again and again and again.

We’ve already started defining and editing over here and don’t just take our word for it that it feels fantastic. We plan to list some major items on eBay, send some well-loved designer accessories to The Real Real and pile up those J. Crew basics for Twice. There’s plenty left to take to your local charity thrift store and then everyone wins.

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Let’s Get Coconutty


This kooky weather has both my mind and my skin confused. It’s lead me to throw on fur capes when mother nature sneakily decides to be 60 degrees for the day and by the time I’ve figured out my weather app I’m stuck in a polar vortex. Suffice it to say my skin is taking the brunt of this climate. Luckily, in the past few weeks I have acquired an obsession with coconut oil. I’ve been a fan of coconut water and particularly Coco Cafe for quite some time, but the strangely solid at room temperature form of coconut is my newest fixation. The benefits are delightfully infinite, both inside and out. Referred to as the “tree of life” (a thumbs up in my book), this natural antioxidant has antibacterial and humectant properties – attributes that are in high demand during the winter season. So go ahead, go nuts…whether you’re roasting vegetables with it, throwing it in your smoothie, or applying it from your head to your toes – as I have been. Tonight most certainly is the opportune time to try it out as you pro and con all the celebrity getups at the Golden Globes.

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